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To ensure that a plastic, aesthetic or reconstructive surgery procedure is performed under optimum conditions, Dr. Victor Médard de Chardon must have access to a modern environment, accredited by the Haute Autorité de Santé [French National Authority for Health], fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available and a team of anaesthetists who have a perfect mastery of modern anaesthesia in aesthetic surgery and its ongoing developments. Dr. Médard de Chardon performs his aesthetic surgery procedures in Cannes at the Hôpital Privé Cannes Oxford [Cannes Oxford Private Hospital] which perfectly meets the criteria cited above.
Please find all the information that you may require about aesthetic surgery clinics in Cannes or Nice

Private hospital Cannes Oxford

The Hôpital Privé Cannes Oxford is a surgical clinic accredited by the French Health Authority, with cutting-edge technical resources and high quality accommodation.

Address: Clinique Esthétique Cannes Oxford, 33 boulevard d’Oxford in Cannes

Further information: clinique de chirurgie esthetique cannes

Consultations with Dr. Médard de Chardon take place at the Cannes office.

Clinique Saint-George

The Clinique Saint-George has been named several times as one of the best clinics in France.

Address: Clinique Esthétique Saint-George, 2 avenue de Rimiez, Nice

More information at: clinique de chirurgie esthétique nice

Pre- and post-operative consultations take place at the office in Cannes.

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