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Aesthetic and reconstructive body surgery – Cannes

Aesthetic body contouring surgery covers all aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries to improve the contours of the body. It includes aesthetic abdominal surgery, buttock surgery, thigh surgery, calf surgery and arm surgery.

The aesthetic body contouring surgeries performed by Dr. Victor Médard de Chardon, in Cannes or Nice, are:

  • Lipoaspiration in Cannes : also known as liposuction. It can be performed on almost any area of the body provided that the skin is of good quality. We use vibration-assisted liposuction to achieve more gentle and regular work.
  • Abdominal surgery in Cannes : abdominoplasty and mini-abdominoplasty
  • Body lift in Cannes : this is a combined aesthetic surgery procedure on the stomach, buttocks and sides of the thighs, often performed after weight loss.
  • Buttock augmentation in Cannes : this is done by fat injection (lipofilling) or injection of Macrolane
  • Calf augmentation in Cannes : this is done using calf prostheses or by injecting fat or Macrolane
  • Arm lift in Cannes : there is a longitudinal technique reserved for use after major weight loss and an axillary technique for more moderate forms.
  • Thigh lift in Cannes : there is a T-technique usually reserved for use after weight loss and a technique involving an incision along the crease of the groin for smaller amounts of sagging.
  • Macrolane injections in Cannes : Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid filler used to sculpt the body. Macrolane is injected using a cannula. This aesthetic surgery procedure has to be performed in the operating room for obvious reasons of sterility.

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