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What are the objectives of a body lift?

A body lift, otherwise knowing as body lifting or circular abdominoplasty, is a procedure combining an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), a lift of the lateral surface of the thighs (hips) and a buttock lift, possibly enhanced using a buttock augmentation and remodelling procedure.

Which patients are candidates for a body lift?

A body lift is indicated in patients who present sagging and flat buttocks, a slackening of the skin on the external surfaces of the thighs and damaged abdominal skin (stretch marks on the tummy or abdominal apron). A body lift is usually performed after major weight loss, whether or not following weight loss surgery (gastric by-pass, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band). To obtain the best result following a body lift, the pre-surgery weight must be stable for at least 6 months.


The body lift involves several operations:

Pre-operative drawings of the body lift

  • The surgeon performs several pre-operative mark-ups of the body, with the patient in a standing position

Posterior phase of the body lift

  • This concerns the buttock lift and the lateral surfaces of the thighs
  • The body lift starts in ventral decubitus (on the tummy)
  • The buttock lift is performed first. The buttock lift enables sagging buttocks (buttock ptosis) to be lifted. If the buttocks are flat, a buttock augmentation is performed using a remodelled dermo-fat flap to obtain an optimum contour.
  • Liposuction of the outer thigh is performed, followed a lift of the external surfaces of the thighs.
  • The scar from the body lift is placed under the bikini line.

Anterior phase of the body lift

  • The body lift is performed with the patient in dorsal decubitus (on their back).
  • A high-lateral tension abdominoplasty enables a tummy tuck to be performed in an intense and lasting manner, with optimum safety. Where diastasis is present, the large flat muscles are placed back in their correct position.
  • Adjustment of the tension of the abdominoplasty is performed with the patient in a semi-sitting position.
  • Drains are inserted at the end of the body lift.
  • The horizontal scar from the abdominoplasty is placed under the bikini line and meets the posterior scarring. There is a small scar around the navel. Therefore, scarring from a body lift is circular, due to which some refer to it as a circular abdominoplasty.
  • Further information: Abdominoplasty


  • Moderate pain and discomfort when performing daily tasks: 21 days
  • Removal of the drains on the day the patient is discharged from the clinic
  • The result of the body lift is immediately visible but there is moderate swelling due to the oedema
  • Final result on figure: 6 to 12 months
  • Final appearance of scars: 12 months
  • No wire to be removed except for three stitches on the navel
  • Compression clothing (lipopanty) worn for: 4 weeks
  • Wearing of compression stockings: 14 days
  • Return to work: 21 days
  • Return to sports activities following body lift: 4 to 6 weeks
  • Photo showing example of body lift: Photo body lift


If your plastic surgeon believes that a body lift is possible, a request for a prior agreement will be written. You will be called within 14 days following receipt of the email by the health insurer's medical board, which will make a decision. If the response is favourable, the body lift will be partially or totally covered, depending on your health insurance policy.




1. Scars hidden by bathing costume
2. Liposuction of the lateral faces of the thighs
3. Lift of the lateral faces of the thighs
4. Buttock lift +/- buttock augmentation

chirurgie ventre-plastie abdominale-cannes nice antibes var alpes maritimes 06 83

1. Liposuction of flanks and epigastrium
2. Scars hidden
3. Stomach lift from below


Consultations at the aesthetic surgeon's office in rue d'Antibes, Cannes

  • Aim: Circular lift of the waist and buttocks
  • Operation at the clinic in Cannes or Nice
  • Hospitalisation: two to five nights
  • Anaesthesia: general
  • Duration: 4 to 6 hours
  • Time off work: 21 days
  • No stitches to remove
  • Wearing of panties: 1 month

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