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Definition of lipostructure

Other terms for lipostructure are: surgical lipomodelling, lipofilling, injection of fat, autologous fat grafting or Coleman technique. Lipostructure is a aesthetic surgery technique that aims to definitively correct an insufficient volume by using an injection of fat cells. In this case the injection of fat is used as a volumising product, in the same way that an injection of reticulated hyaluronic acid could be used, which is resorbable.

What is the purpose of lipostructure?

Lipostructure consists of harvesting fat cells using liposuction, to purify these fat cells and then inject the fat using micro-cannulas to restore facial volume (lipofilling). This concerns a fat graft, the of uptake of which is 50 to 80%, while the immediate volume is not the definitive volume.

What are the noticeable modern developments in lipostructure?

Two recent developments have enabled the results of lipostructure to be further improved:

  • Micro-lipostructure. The miniaturisation of the cannulas used in harvesting and injection of fat itself have enabled the after effects of lipostructure to be radically reduced: less bruising, fewer oedemas, less time away from social activities.
  • The addition of autologous growth factors (Platelet Released Factor or Platelet Released Plasma) enables uptake of the fat graft to be improved and to enhance the quality of the skin


Lipostructure (lipofilling) adheres to a standardised protocol

  • Mini-liposuction of the fatty tissue with weak and controlled depression.
  • Rigorous preparation of the fat harvested using centrifugation; extraction of the fat cells is purified and then enriched using autologous growth factors.
  • Reinjection of the fat cells using micro-cannulas at the site where the face receives the injection.

Which areas of the face can be treated by lipostructure?

Lipostructure of the face using fat injection enables a lack of volume to be restored and to redefine certain facial contours. All areas of the face can be improved using lipostructure: the cheeks, temples, upper eyelids, under eyes, palpebro-malar folds, prejugal mandibular depression, forehead and nose. Further information on photographs is provided on the right.

Can lipostructure be combined with another technique?

Lipostructure (injection of fat) can be used alone or at the same time as a face lift and neck lift or a blepharoplasty (surgery of the eyelids). Further information: face lift and neck lift and eyelid surgery


Frequent ecchymosis (bruising): 14 to 21 days
The immediate volume is not the definitive volume:

  • The immediate volume of an injection of fat is increased by the oedema, which reaches its peak towards the 3rd day and gradually goes down in 14 to 21 days.
  • The uptake of the fat graft is 50 to 80% even though the final volume is observed at between the 3rd and the 6th month.
  • Example of before/after photo results following facial lipostructure: before/after photos for lipostructure of the under-eye area

Sometimes a second injection of fat is necessary to obtain the desired result. There is no visible scarring.


The benefits and drawbacks of facial lipostructure as compared to an injection of hyaluronic acid are as follows.


  • Fat is an autologous, totally natural product, and therefore presents the best tolerability (although the majority of hyaluronic acids also present excellent tolerability).
  • The result of lipostructure is definitive once uptake of the graft is complete (after 6 months). Hyaluronic acid is a product that is reabsorbed over a 12-month period.
  • The fat injected is rich in growth factor and appears to improve the quality of the skin's texture.


  • Although the lipostructure equipment is miniaturised, enabling its action on the surface to be enhanced, intradermal injections of fat cannot be performed. Injections of fat do not therefore enable superficial wrinkles to be treated, unlike hyaluronic acid.
  • Fat moves in a more random manner than injections of hyaluronic acid. Indeed, the ratio between the final volume and the injected volume is 1:1 for hyaluronic acid while for injections of fat the ratio is 0.5/1 to 0.8:1


Breast augmentation with fat injection

Lipostructure of the breasts is possible and enables a natural-looking augmentation of the mammary volume without modifying the shape of the breasts. Further information: breast augmentation with fat injection

Buttock augmentation with fat injection

An injection of fat in the buttocks enables the volume of the buttocks to be naturally augmented without using buttock implants. Further information: buttock augmentation and macrolane injection buttocks

Hand rejuvenation using an injection of fat

Lipostructure of the hands enables the volume of hands emaciated by ageing to be restored. Further information: hand rejuvenation

Calf augmentation with fat injection

Lipostructure enables an insufficient volume in the calf contours to be improved without the side effects of implants. Further information: calf augmentation and macrolane injection calves

Correction of pectus excavatum using an injection of fat

A pectus excavatum is a constitutional depression of the sternum, responsible for the appearance of a "sunken chest", which can be visually corrected using lipostructure (lipofilling of the sternum) or using an injection of Macrolane.


Pre- and post-operative consultations take place in the aesthetic surgeon's surgery: Eden Palace, 145 rue d’Antibes 06400 Cannes
  • The operation takes place at the clinic in Cannes or in Nice
  • Hospitalisation: outpatient or one night hospitalisation
  • Anaesthesia: local anaesthesia with sedation
  • Duration of facial lipostructure: 30 minutes to 1 hour


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