Very good result and excellent follow-up. Dr. Médard de Chardon is always available to listen, which is reassuring. Ambre and Véronique are always cheerful and pleasant.

Author : X.X
Surgery : Rhinoplasty
Date of surgery : 13/01/2015

Very good surgeon, attentive. Procedure yesterday but I am positive about the result, no pain, fabulous.

Author : X.X
Surgery : Breast reduction
Date of surgery : 11/11/2014

Dear Doctor,
The moment my life took a different path...
One evening when everything changed, these scars on my body kept me alive after a road accident, I was only 17 years old and in my distress you "repaired" me. An accident that left marks on my body that you knew how to erase. I can once again open up to the world without being ashamed of my body. I will never forget the day you operated on me, the scars that made me ashamed and deeply sad are now my pride and joy. I can never thank you enough for what you have brought me. Thanks to you, my life has taken a new, and much better, path. I now live life to the full
Thank you so much, Doctor, for giving me back my joie de vivre.

Author : X.X
Surgery : Cervicofacial lift
Date of surgery : 05/08/2014

Very good work, natural, seamless. I am delighted. Thank you. Special mention about post-operative care: very professional, always available. Compliments to nurse Véronique too, who is very reassuring and calming.

Author : X.X
Surgery : Reconstructive surgery
Date of surgery : 17/07/2014

Excellent result and very good follow-up, I recommend the surgeon. As for the Office staff, Ambre and Véronique are very attentive and pleasant.

Author : X.X
Surgery : Cervicofacial lift
Date of surgery : 06/07/2014

Dear Doctor,
In a world full of dissatisfaction, claims and complaints, I would like to express my gratitude for having helped me to become someone else.
Although some people might see it as an "improvement", a simple "drop in the ocean", for me it was not only about the physical reconstruction. You "repaired" something else in me... my confidence.
You don't only heal bodies, you cure souls, and I sincerely believe that the least I can do is tell you how important you are to me now.
When we entrust our inner self to someone who knows how to look after it as you do, words become meaningless.
Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for the quality of your work, but especially for the result, which greatly exceeded all my hopes.
I wish you all the best for the future and I hope that one day life allows you to feel the way I feel today, thanks to you...

Author : X.X
Surgery : Abdominoplasty
Date of surgery : 18/04/2014


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